Monday, March 16, 2009

This one is going out to Gordy

I just needed to make a shout out to my best friend Gordy. Gordy and I have grown up together and have been through thick and thin together. He is one of those guys I could not imagine life without. I probably see him on average of two to three times a day. One might say we are drawn to each other and have a wonderful "working" relationship.

Cheers to Gordy!

The Finale in Roatan

Well Day 5 was also a tough one! We had this day planned and packed with activities (we actually just make up an itinerary as we go but it became a full day).

Travis and I have been eying the water with it's composed aqua blue water all the while one of the best barrier reefs in the world was beckoning us to it's humble abode. We, as any good moth drawn to the light, took the plunge and went scuba diving on Friday with the fine folks from Anthony's Key Resort.

Now let me set the stage a little here. I was open water certified to dive back in 1996. Certifications do not expire and as any school boy would do on the playground when he wants to play I told them that I could play even though I hadn't dove in 13 years! Travis was certified in Thailand and has dove a couple places like Australia and such but it had been about 8 years for him. To his advantage, he is a Fireman in Huntington Beach and plays around with similar equipment as oxygen tanks and masks...

We buddied up and had a blast! Now before we left, Hector our dive master had us get in the water right there off the boat before we left. Even though it was only about 10 feet of water it was very unsettling stepping off the back of the boat into the water. Let me paint a little picture for you... you have a +/-30lb tank on your back, a constricting wet suit, about 20lbs of weight strapped to you and all this extra gear on you and I am supposed to flipper walk to the edge of the boat and just hop in with out looking like an idiot in front of an audience of professionals.

The dive was a ship wreck dive taking us to a grand total of 130 feet (which I think is deeper than my Open Water Certification allows me to dive...hmmm...). I felt like I was in one of those National Geographic documentaries. We progressed from there to the reef which must have been 70 or 80 feet high. It was just stunning to see this wall of coral, growth, fish and sea life! Loved the whole experience!

Trav and I went back to the hotel and picked up Rod and Beni and headed out to a family members home for a wonderful lunch. All week we had talked with Roni about going out on his speed boat and after lunch at his place he invited us out. The water was a little rough but we had to go anyways.

Does any speed boat buffs recognize the above symbol?

Fountain is the name of this speed boat that falls in the price range similar to that of a loan I would get on a $200k house! Again I say it... we were treated like royalty. We took out the 40ft speed boat and saw some different places and one time reaching a speed of 70mph. We had a grand ole' time!

Finished up with a lovely dinner to close our Friday night.

Day whatever... the last day for me. They were doing a birthday party this afternoon with all of the family and meeting all of the uncles and cousins that had hooked us up over the week. I unfortunatly had to head out on a plane for home.

But before I left I had just one last thing to do. I ended the trip with a Canopy Zip Line Tour Saturday morning. After 12 stations I "zipped" off to the airport to make my journey home.

In all it was a phenomenal trip. I love everything about it and am excited about the next trip to come! Thanks to all of you who have followed this blog and my trip!

Nothing But Love,

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Stay tuned...

Stay tuned for the latest and greatest of the Roatan experience! I will be updating with one more blog...

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Still living the rough life...

So day 2 finished with dinner at the resort where we were playing as guest of the owner. Dinner was served by waiters in formal attire and powder blue vests (my favorite color). Being on an island I thought it appropriate to have the fried fish with a cream shrimp sauce. It fish was covered in pieces of shrimp unlike the token portions we might recieve in the States. Unfortunatly I do not take well to fish and shrimp and was barely able to finish my meal. I do not know why but it never settles well...

Day 3 lead us to Anthony's Key Resort which is the most known and best resort on the island! I would recommend it to anyone on a honey moon, or adventure getaway! We got hooked up with a Dolfin Encounter where we were able to hang out in the water with the dolfins and pet them and watch their tricks. Pretty cool. It happened to be Rod's neice's 8th birthday and it was all free to us because it was a cousins resort. Pretty weet place! Roatan is known as the best place to dive in the world with the second largest barrier reef in the world. Lunch there was a three course all inclusive style lunch that, hmmm... we didn't have to pay for either!

Before I got all lazy at this resort I went to a local pediatric medical clinic. I connected with this clinic before I went and arranged for me to bring medical supplies. I brought a 60lb duffle bag of goodies for them. I was super impressed with the clinic. It was started by an American Nurse about 15 years ago and has won amazing favor from the islanders and been blessed by God in so many ways. She basically offers services free of charge unless they can pay the $2 for services. the two doctors are local but all of the others are mainly volunteer staff from elsewhere. I enjoyed my time there emensly!

The day finished with a small brithday party at Rod's sisters house for 8 year old Dani.

Day 4 took us to a small island owned by Anthony's key which I will just let you check out from the web site Just spent the day there and arranged with cousin a diving trip tomorrow morning with the best dive service on the island. THis place bought and sunk two ships to provide some extra scenery for their divers!

Today is going to finish up with some Cuba Libres (rum and cokes) and a fried chicken place we have been wanting to try.

Nothing But Love,

P.S. This is where we are staying...

Monday, March 9, 2009

Honduran Bay Islands

So I made it to Honduras. More specifically, to Roatan the Honduran Bay Island in the Caribbean. Hmmm, how did this happen. Well, a buddy of mine (Rod de la Sotta) was coming here to visit his sister and family here. I just happen to tag along. The island is beautiful! It is certainly not an established touristy location though. This is the real thing. Or maybe it is because I am getting the inside family treatment and not the resort treatment.

Now this definitely does not mean that there are no resorts involved! It turns out that Rod's Brother-in-law is from this island and has connections, or should I say more specifically family ties, to some of the best resorts and touristy stuff on the island! The first day we went to the best beach which is in West Bay. It is called Tabyanna and this is the resort we spent the day at The next few pictures are of this beach and activities...

The Sun sets on the first day here and the next part of our day begins. Four dudes (Rod, Travis and his brother Ben Terich and myself) traveling together and staying in a one room hotel with only two beds (yes we share- and we rotate every night... J/K about the rotating) is not a recipe for retiring early to the room. So we walk the road that is converted from the beach to the various social gatherings and listen to competing music and get some drinks...

Day two finds us here at another family resort called Turquoise Bay We have the whole bay and beach to ourselves. We take out some kayaks to the near by keys and explore. This place is rough also because we just have to wait here for Rod's family to show up and the owner of the resort and we will all have dinner here. The sun has set on this beautiful day but I am sure it is barely over half way done!

I am sure tomorrow will be just as eventful and will try to keep everyone posted.

Nothing But Love,


Saturday, September 27, 2008

Locks of Love

So, I'm not totally sure how this blog thing is gonna work out. I know we want to keep bloging, but, I think we might create a new blog and leave this one as a journal of our trip. . .not sure though. If we do create a new one, I'll put a link for it here. For now though, I thought I'd share with you my latest change of appearance. . .
My friend Jaime and I have been talking about donating our hair for a while now, and well, the time finally came. We just did it this morning. It's still a little shocking!
"After", with my adorable hair dresser Caroline.
Luckily, I LOVE it!!
Jaime's turned out really cute too, although all the pics of her are one her camera.
Okay, more later.

Thursday, September 11, 2008